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Maplestory: Making Meso For All Ways


Everything In This Section Is NX-Free.

Daily Bosses

Zakum, Hilla, Ranmaru, RA, Von Leon, Easy Magnus, Easy Horntail and Easy Gollux are all bosses you can easily solo with little to no range. Each drops pots like Sunset Dews, Power Elixirs, and Elixirs. NPC these pots for about ~2mil per boss.

Note that you cannot solo RA; you must be in a party. (Thanks to Victimtovictor)

Sunset Dews sell for 5100 mesos each, Power Elixirs sell for 2500 mesos each, Elixirs sell for 1000 mesos each, and Reindeer Milk sells for 2750 mesos each.

You can also use these pots to cut back on meso consumption for potions.

Elite Bosses

Mob in one area, and after a Elite Monster appears and you kill it, look at the message. If it's "You feel something in the dark energy" keep farming, and if not, CC and find another boss. After you kill the Elite Boss, focus on only getting the purple boxes. They have things like CSS scrolls (around 25 mil) Chaos Scrolls (1-3 mil) and some other items that are worth a lot. Elite Monsters also have a chance of dropping Cubic Blades, Chaos Cubic Blades, and Protection Scrolls (300 mil)

This by DrextalBera has more information on Elite Bosses.

Dimension Invasion

Starting from 140, you gain the ability to start DIPQ, which gives you amazing EXP all the way up to level 180, where it caps out. While you're doing it, you can also get event drops, such as the FIREPOWER Cases and the Beefy's Kitchen Coins. These can be traded for various event items that you can sell or service. Some scrolls you can service are Innocence Scrolls, Epic Potential Scrolls, Clean Slate Scrolls, and Bonus Potential Scrolls. Look around your world's FM and see what the prices are, and price yours accordingly.

You can also loot all the equips that DIPQ drops (mainly the 140 set) and extract them for Superior Item Crystals. Try going to Ardentmill in Channel 1 and looking for an extractor. You should get around 60 crystals on a normal day. These sell for around 250K in the FM. That's a 15 mil profit. (Thanks to AwkwardCow)

If you have enough range to kill the Blackheart boss after the DIPQ stage, try collecting the High Quality Gloves and sell them for around 50 mil clean. You can also scroll them and sell them accordingly. (Thanks to marketani)


Simple concept, but hard to master. Buy low, sell high. Try looking for cheap items at first, such as Superior Item Crystals, (around 200K in Bera) ores, or occasionally some CSS scrolls. It takes a lot of patience to master merching.


Crafting can earn you a lot of money in a rather short amount of time. Try crafting items like Dark, Black, WIS, or LUK Crystals and sell them in the FM for around 500K each. You will need around 6 ores of the corresponding type and also a mold.

You can also try accessory crafting. Try crafting items like Meister Shoulders, Angelic Blessings (normal, dark, and white) and sell them in the FM. Meister Shoulders are considered an end-game item, so they sell for quite a lot; in Bera they're around 300 mil. Angelic Blessings vary by the type. Normal Angelic Blessings are around 70 mil in Bera, Dark Angelic Blessings are around 180 mil, and White Angelic Blessings are around 1 bil. Getting the recipes for these takes quite a lot of time, so see if you can snag one in the FM for a low price.

High-level Bosses

To do these, you'll need a pretty high range. Check this list for some more information on bossing. A small edit would be that Easy Magnus only requires around 70-100K range to solo.

If you can solo these bosses, try adding them to either your daily (for Normal Magnus, Madman Ranmaru, and all other daily bosses) or weekly (CRA, Empress, Hard Magnus, etc.) schedule. I recommend focusing CRA and Hard Magnus for the best meso profit. CRA drops CRA gear, which is currently the best gear right now, considering they can be equipped alongside Tyrants (Hard Magnus.)

If you can do these bosses (or get carried) and manage to get the drops, try either selling them clean or scrolling them with iCOGS if you have them. If you iCOG them, try to Star Force them to around 7-10 stars if you have the mesos. (Which you should, considering the fact you're doing CRA runs.)

If you get your hands on some Tyrant Cloaks, and they're the wrong class, try saving up for the PSoK in the Rewards Shop. PSoK the item and sell it for around 700 mil to 1 bil. If you do Normal Magnus and get the Nova equips, I recommend selling only the shoes and belt, not the cloak. Tyrants cloaks are readily available, so selling a Nova cloak isn't worth the PSoK.

Empress isn't really worth it now, as the 140 Empress set she drops sells for nothing. You might be able to sell the equips for 50 mil tops, but most of the time I see them for around 20 mil.

Ranmaru drops mainly the crappy 150 set, so I recommend doing it just for the cubes and EXP.


Have fun doing Tynerum Prequests till you die.

I consider Gollux to be one of the best ways to make one-time mesos. What I did personally was to keep doing Easy Gollux for the belt/pendant Charm EXP, and to also farm coins. I recommend buying out all the rings for yourself, and scrolling them with either the Basic Accessory Gollux Scrolls or the Advanced ones. Buying Gollux equips (apart from the belt/pendant) isn't worth it, considering they're something you can get for free.

After you buy out all the rings and scroll them, start by buying the Superior Gollux Earrings and scroll them with the Advanced Gollux Scrolls. Keep the Superior for yourself. Since you can only equip one set of earrings, buy out all the rest of the earrings, scroll them with the respective scroll, and Star Force them to around 10 stars. You'll make a lot of money by selling the earrings.

You can also sell Gollux Scroll service, although I'm not sure how much they go for. Advertise in FM and see what you get.

If you can do Hellux and survive, try selling off the Superior Pendant and Belt for around 700 mil (last time I checked.)

Legendary/Gold Veins or Herbs

These spawn randomly across most maps. If you find one, you have a chance to get cubes, Dusk Essences, or even Primal Essences, which go for around 250 mil. They also sometimes drop Cubic and Chaos Cubic Blades. (Thanks to kuuhaq)


After doing those long (and fun) Commerci prequests, save your Denaro for Sweetwater eye accessories and tattoos. They sell for around 250 mil clean. You can also do the Union PQ for rare items that you can sell. (Thanks to piercethesirens18)


Events are a fickle thing. Right now (August 6) we have the Sengoku High event, the FIREPOWER event, an Attendance event, Beefy's Kitchen, and Arnello's Ring. Try and figure out which ones are profitable. In my opinion, the FIREPOWER coin shop can easily yield you a lot of mesos if you sell the service right. Service includes:

Epic Potential Scrolls - I prefer a pass/fail cost. In Bera you can probably go 80 pass and 30-40 fail.

Innocence Scrolls - I don't recommend these. These sell for only around 40 mil in Bera.

CSS 10%s- Also not recommended. Around 30 mil in Bera.

100% Hammers - Possibly, although most people will go with the normal 50%s and Innocence until they get it.

Bonus Potential Scrolls - Possibly, I don't know much about this

Potential and Bonus Potential Stamps - Unfamiliar with this kind of service

As always, these require lots of vouches. If you don't have the people to vouch for you, I don't recommend selling service unless you have some form of collateral.

Everything Below Costs NX

I'm not familiar with NX that much, since all I did was buy cubes and cube my equips. Below is what I know at most.

Premium Surprise Boxes

These are the best (and only) way to get Perm NX. Think of this as a prayer to RNGesus that you get something good. Last time I checked the most expensive Perm NX you could get was the Death's Scythe and the Gothic Girl's School Uniform.

Damage Skin Boxes

These are available for purchase in the Cash Shop.

Like the above, they're RNGesus dependent on whether you get a sought-after damage skin or a crappy skin that no one wants. Try to wait a bit after you get it and see if prices rise.

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Maplestory Transportation: Quickest Methods To Travel

Welcome back to another tips article for Maplestory. Here is an useful Maplestory Guide. This guide's purpose is to help players navigate the game both quickly and efficiently. There are a few of the best means of transportation in the game.


Quickest Free Methods Of Transportation

Lvl 100+

With the Mushroom Shrine update brought a new way of quickly traveling around maple world. This method allows players to teleport to Henesys rather quickly without the use of a return scroll or the dimensional mirror located in various towns.

1. Go to the left of your screen and click the book with a maple leaf on it.

2. The number of icons will appear and you will need click the "Mushroom Shrine" icon.

3. Accept the quest "Go to Mushroom Shrine" and you will be teleported to that location.

4. Locate the giant crystal npc named "Heart of Zipangu" and confirm you would like to move to Henesys.

5. Once you reach Henesys, on the left of your screen you should select "Quick Move."

6. Select the ship icon and move to "Victoria Tree Platform."

7. Descend down the ladder in this map and you will reach "6 Path Crossway."

8. Locate the Interdimensional portal and travel to Pantheon.

9. Once moved, speak to the same npc once more to be given the option to travel to most towns in the game.

Lvl 33+

For players who have not reached level 100 or above, there are two different methods you can use. The first of the two requires starting FriendStory and watching a short cut-scene. (This is a one-time requirement.)

1. Locate the Dimensional Mirror located in various towns throughout the game and select "FriendStory" as your destination.

2. Once moved, take the portal to your left to reach the town of Henesys.

3. From here, do steps 5-9 from the very first method.

This other method is just a bit slower, but will allow you to skip watching the cut-scene in FriendStory. Make sure you accept the light bulb quest "Spirit's Whisper if you haven't already. (This will be required to use this method of travel.)

1. Locate the Dimensional Mirror located in various towns throughout the game and select "Alishan" as your destination

2. Once moved, make your way left in the map until you see a portal on a platform in the upper left of the map.

3. Press up and click "YES" to move to Henesys.

4. From here, do steps 5-9 from the very first method.

Need NX/Mesos

1. Visit the cash shop at the bottom of your screen and find the tab to the left called "Time Savers."

2. Locate the item named "Hyper Teleport Rock."

3. Depending on the world you are in, the item will require either mesos or NX to purchase.

4. Once purchased, you are allowed to use this item to teleport to most maps in the game for the duration of the item.

The second-quickest free method of transportation requires simply sitting through the FriendStory intro sequence. Alishan dumps you in random places in Henesys, but FS will always poop you out of the closet house or whatever it's called. Just throwin it out there, not to detract at all from what you've already got. It probably is faster in the long run.

Want more Maplestory guide? Check back for more Maplestory tips that will help you improve your game! Please pay more attention on Maplestoryer news about Maplestory 2 guides and cheap maplestory 2 mesos in advance.

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Maplestory Guide: Tips On How To Farm Meso For Reboot

There are many fans haven't seen an official meso farming guide for reboot yet so we made a conclusion for the guide to help you. Most of them are from what other gamers have collected from the rest of reddit. The rates that are listed is the rate they get per hour as an aran so those with better mobility and mobbing will most likely make a lot more.


Farming Maps

Mysterious Path 3 - By far the fastest map to farm on, I've never farmed here myself because of how retardedly crowded it is but I've heard some people going 60m an hour here.

Any of the Ghost Ship Maps- A pretty good alternative to MP3

Blackgate City: Northern Heights- IMO the second best map so far, saw someone go 120m+ an hour here earlier on reddit.

Entrance to the sP0o0oky World:** Galoperas- a decent farming map for those who can get a map to themselves, (don't bother sharing)

Wolf Spide Caver: Wolf Spider- Very weird map layout making it unsuitable for some classes but they drop two meso bags instead of one and it has decent spawn, 15m per hour.

Ulu Estate II: Slygy- Good spawn and it is slowly getting very popular, 20m per hour

Along Ulu City/Ulu City Center: Petrifighters- Very large map with decent spawn and decent meso rates. Made 15m per hour.

Suburban Area 2: Truckers- A very large map with great spawn rate and decent rates. 17m per hour.

Shadow Veil Forest 4: Trees- Apparently this map is glitched or something but the spawn rates of the trees is very high at the moment, they spawn as soon as you kill them, and its even faster with a kanna. You literally sit in one spot killing 2-3 trees and have your pet pick it up. Good rate for very minimal effort. 20m an hour here.

Alternative to Farming

Zakum everyday pick up everything and sell them. The Zakum Poison weapons sell for 100k each.

Hilla Everyday again pick up everything and sell, the Necromancer weapons sell for almost 200k each.

DIPQ: Do your dipqs everyday and have your pet pick up all the pensalir equips and extract them for a chance of getting philosopher stones which sell for 300k each.

Creating a MPE mule: create a character thats good at clearing MPE, have them be at 140 exact and when they're about to level kill them a couple of times. This method lets you get a lot of pensalir equips to extract.

Sell your Reindeer Milk and Sunset Dews

Sell Twisted Times for 50k each and Spell Traces for 5k each

Things to Help with Farming

Drop 5 dollars for a pet or farm hard hilla for blackheart (I dont know if normal drops).

Get some familiars to help with farming, the ones I recommend is Big Spiders and Leprechauns.

Alright these are all the ones I know, if you guys have any that I don't have here feel free to put them in the comments and I will add them in.

Gamers can have personally tried these most of them. Hope this article would help you to earn mesos easy. By the way, as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more Maplestory Guides and cheap maplestory 2 mesos with instant delivery.

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Maplestoryer Offers Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos Safe and Fast

Nothing can keep you busy than having a thrilling computer game on your PC, table, notebook or even your Smartphone. It is the only way that you can kill boredom and still sharpen your mind by play around with computer tricks on such games.


A very simple and extremely effective that can be used to ward off boredom is online gaming. There is a wide range of online games, including racing games, airplanes, motorcycles or ATVs, and Internet users can access these games on specialized sites.

Luckily, you don’t need to be an expert in computers or you have a lot of experience in the field of Internet entertainment to enjoy these games, because they can be played by anyone. For example, MarpleStory 2 is one of the best online games that tests your creativity ability.

This is a game that requires very high creativity as the player travels through the maple world fighting with monsters at various battlefields. This is a game that requires the online game currency that is only available at

In this game, the player has unlimited opportunities to customize his/her character by giving it its own sense of style. Of course, customizing your character needs MapleStory 2 Mesos to support your dream role in this game. Your character can benefit of hundreds of different hairstyles, facial expressions, and equipment pieces to make sure your character looks unique when strolling through town or stepping out onto the battlefield.

At Maplestoryer, they are the most reliable online suppliers of cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos currency that will enable you to prepare for the next fight, but with unique and different hair styles and equipments each time.

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Maplestory Guide: How To Get Places In Maple World

Are you looking for a guide of methods to get places in any part of Maple World? Maple World is the world where players can explore in MapleStory. Each location is unique and has its own set of monsters, NPCs, and quests.

The fastest way to get anywhere is with the Hyper Teleport Rock, which can be found in the "Time Savers" → "Teleport Rocks" category of the Cash Shop. This rock lets you teleport all over Maple World in an instant!

If you're not into teleportation, or you don't want to buy a Cash Shop item, try taking a ship! Hover over the town icons in the world map (default shortcut: [W]) to see various ship routes.

Many NPCs are also capable of transporting you to different parts of Maple World. Here are some hints about how to get to some major areas by talking to NPCs.


Travel Method


  • Go to Six Path Crossway, climb up to Victoria Tree Platform, take the appropriate portal, then talk to the travel NPC.
  • Go to the Edelstein Temporary Airport, talk to Ace, then choose where you want to go.
  • Go to Crossroads of Ereve, take the Sky Ferry portal, then talk to the appropriate ship NPC.
  • Talk to Isa at Orbis Station Entrance. You can also travel from any of these locations back to Orbis.
  • Go to the Subway Ticketing Booth in Kerning City, purchase a ticket from Bell, then use the Ticket Gate
  • Talk to Thomas Swift in Henesys. Talk to him in Amoria to return to Henesys.
  • Talk to Spinel, who is in most towns. You can get to Ninja Castle by taking the palanquin from Mushroom Shrine if you are at least Lv.160.
  • Talk to Irene at the Victoria Tree Platform or to Spinel, who is in most towns. From Singapore: CBD, Audrey can take you to Malaysia.

Start/End Location

  • From Victoria Island to Orbis, Ereve, or Edelstein
  • From Edelstein to Victoria Island or Orbis
  • From Ereve to Victoria Island or Orbis
  • From Orbis to Victoria Island, Ludibrium, Leafre, Mu Lung, Ariant, Ereve, and Edelstein
  • To New Leaf City
  • To Amoria
  • To Zipangu (Mushroom Shrine, Showa Town)
  • To Singapore

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